June 23, 2018, Sierra Flow Fitness Annual Rafting Trip! 

We are excited to do our Annual River Rafting trip here at Sierra Flow! Please RESERVE YOUR SPOT in the TICKET link that is provided below! We will be carpooling down there. The location and meeting time will be announced! This is open to EVERYONE so bring your friends!!!!!

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Pole Fitness Classes

Introducing this fun and invigorating way to get fit.  




Wednesday's @ 4:30 PM 

​& Sunday's @ 10:00 AM


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Ground Class Drop-ins

Drop in to any Ground Class excluding Pole Fitness Classes.



Our Fitness Team is here to help you and your health and fitness goals. From any modification needs you might have to routine planning for your upcoming goals and dreams, we're here to help you achieve your dreams.   

June Lunch Time Pilates Reformers Session

Introducing Lunch Time cardio kick pilates reformer classes at Sierra Flow. Join us Monday and Wednesday afternoons and get your workout in during your lunch break. Space is limited, please book in advance with Sarah. 
11:30, noon, and 12:30
June 4th
June 6th
June 11th 
June 13th 
June 18th
June 20th 
June 25th 
June 27th 
$105 for the full 8 sessions! (Best Deal) 
$15 Drop-In


Class Cards

Ground 10 Class Card for $85 excluding Pole Fitness Classes and Pole Fitness Glitter Card holding 6 Pole Fitness Classes for $110.  Both Class cards are non-refundable and no expiration.

*Please use the MINDBODY app on your smart phone to reserve your spot in these classes*

5:15 AM - HIIT Fit 45
6:00 AM - The Body Shop
9:00 AM - YOGA
4:30 PM - TRX*

5:00 PM - Box & Burn*
5:30 PM - Pound*
6:30 PM - Dance Club

7:45 PM - Pole Flow ($20 drop-in)*

5:00 AM - Empower Barre
6:00 AM - Rise & Shine Yoga 
9:00 AM - Pound*

10:30 AM - Low Impact Fitness ($3-5 drop-in)

4:30 PM - Piyo

5:30 PM - Barre Above*
5:30 PM - Zumba 
6:30 PM - Gentle Stretch

7:45 PM - Pole Tricks ($20 drop-in)*
5:15 AM - Box & Burn
6:00 AM - Box & Burn

9:00 AM - Yoga

10:00 - Tai Chi (Area 12)
4:30 PM - Strong by Zumba*
5:30 PM - Pound*
6:30 PM - TRX Flow


5:00 AM - TRX
6:00 AM - TRX Flow
9:00 AM - Pound

10:00 AM - Strength Training (Area 12)

11:45 AM - Adaptive Zumba
4:30 PM - Piyo

5:30 PM - Zumba 

6:30 PM - Empowered Barre
6:30 PM - Gentle Stretch Yoga (free community)

7:45 PM - Pole 101 ($20 drop-in)*
5:15 AM - HIIT Fit 45*
6:00 AM - The Body Shop Metabolic
9:00 AM - Yoga
4:30 PM - Sandbells
5:30 PM - Kangoo Jumps*
6:30 PM - DanceClub

9:00 AM - Zumba 
10:00 AM - Pound*
11:00 AM - Yoga
10:00 AM - Strong By Zumba*

11:00 AM - Yoga

6:00 PM - Specialty class (check mindbody app)

Please Check the MINDBODY app. for

Pole Fitness, Aerial Fitness and other

special workshops.


21051 Crystal Falls Dr.
Sonora, CA 95370
(209) 985-2225


Planning your next class or party with us? Download the MINDBODY app on your smart phone for easy access, class schedule and reservation through this wonderful smart phone app. 


Friday's @ 5:30 PM

Ground Class Membership

Monthly membership on all ground classes excluding Pole Classes.

Include us in your fitness journey and routines with many classes to choose from!  All classes are multi-level classes that can be modified to best suit the beginner, the recovering or the well-versed athlete.  There's something for EVERYONE.

Get fit.  Live Healthy.  Build Confidence.



Sweaty Second Saturday! “Wake The Funk Up!!”

$5 drop-ins for second Saturday classes.  

*Must reserve spot on Mindbody to get $5 discount on drop-in.*

Bring your friends and family on the second Saturday of each month for a morning of sweaty smiles!

9:00 AM Zumba Fitness

10:00 AM Pound

11:00 AM Yoga

*Please use the Mindbody app. To reserve your spot.

June 9th, July 14th, August 11th, September 8th, October 13th,

November 10th, December 8th